Frequently Asked Questions


The typical hourly rate is $200. However it can also depend on the type of tattoo, size, and color. For specific pricing, I need to know exactly what you want (subject matter, style, placement and size) so I can provide an estimate. Just contact me to discuss! One free touch-up is included in all pricing within one year of the tattoo being completed (except for hand & foot tattoos).

You should ALWAYS tip those who provide services for you. Whether it’s your barber/hairstylist, waiter, or the kids with a lemonade stand down the street, if they provide you a service you should tip them. This includes your tattoo artist!

Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and have eaten recently. Aside from that, take a shower, charge your phone or tablet up to full, and don’t bring in your 50 closest friends.

I open my books every 3 months. I only book 3 months out max at a time.

Fill out the Contact Form and I will get back to you ASAP!

You can also email just be sure to include the placement, the size in inches, black/grey or color, and any reference images you may have.

No I do not have a cancellation list or waiting list. 

I don’t show the design ahead of time for many reasons, a lot of artists choose not to also. I understand you may have design preferences and am ok with you letting me know what those preferences are as well as I don’t mind you giving me some direction. Typically I ask for the placement of the tattoo, size in inches, black/grey or color, and any reference images you may have. Once you arrive for your appointment we can make any changes you would like within reason. Worst case scenario, if you don’t like it we can reschedule and I can spend more time changing the drawing. I have time for minor changes during your appointment but some redraws may need more time.

Yes your one free touch up is always available to be booked. Please send me a photo of your healed tattoo and I will respond ASAP via the contact form or via

It’s more important to be comfortable than to be fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and keep in mind you want to be able to cover up certain places that might show, depending on where you're getting your tattoo.

First thing, come talk to me. The best large pieces always BEGIN with a cohesive plan, not just bits and pieces loosely tied together. I can do a sleeve or back piece with existing work in place, but it will ALWAYS look better when you come in with a plan and allow the same artist to help bring that plan to fruition for you. Along those same lines, it’s going to take multiple session and cost you $1,000 or more dollars to even come close to doing a sleeve. So plan ahead and save your money so that you can tackle these large pieces as they are investments and commitments.

- Take a shower
- Don’t bring your kids. No really, don’t bring them.
- Bring all of the necessary documentation
- Good work costs money - so bring it!
- Eat before you come in!
- If you’re diabetic plan for a crash (and prepare yourself!)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions I require people to book an appointment for tattoos of any size and we will not be taking walk ins. This guarantees you will get in at a certain time without potentially waiting for hours. Second, it gives our me the chance to draw your new tattoo so that it’s 100% unique to you.
During the COVID-19 regulatory times, I cannot allow any animals or children in with those having appointments. Please come alone to your appointment.

Yes, I actually do a lot of cover ups, and they make up a large portion of the work I do.

As a policy, I don't send out the artwork prior to the appointment. This is to ensure the privacy and originality of each design. It's important to me that your tattoo is a unique piece of art. However, rest assured that you will have the opportunity to review and adjust the design in person on the day of your appointment. My goal is to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the design before we proceed. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to creating a tattoo you'll love.